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About Woodbury

Woodbury is known for its old-fashioned houses and buildings which lined up in both sides of the road stretching over a mile. Being a town in Litchfield County, Connecticut (USA), it has a population of 9,975 based on the year 2010 census. The town’s center was designated as a CDP (Census Designated Place) by the United States Census Bureau. Founded around 1672, Woodbury is very distinctive around many England Towns as it is not nucleated and antique buildings are in a linear fashion. In the past, these historic houses are residential but in the late 20th century, these houses are being occupied by antique shops.

Public buildings in Woodbury include the North Congregational Church in 1816, the First Congressional Church in 1818, the United Methodist Church, the Old Town Hall in 1846 and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in 1785. Among the most notable historic places in Woodbury is the Masonic Temple built around 1839 which is known for its architecture and strategic location. It is situated on top of a cliff in which spotlights illuminate every night giving it a dramatic view that can be seen in far places and the surrounding areas. This temple is inspired by the Greek world in which temples are usually built in high places to make sure it can be seen from miles around and even far away at sea.


In the 1670s, the founders of Ancient Woodbury traveled from Stratford in two groups. The first group was led by Reverend Zachariah Walker, Woodbury’s first minister. This group of people comprised of religious dissidents which are unhappy with the church in Stratford. On the other hand, the second group was led by Deacon Samuel Sherman which was given approval to purchase land from the Native Americans by the general court. This is for them to establish a new settlement. These two groups arrived in Pomperaug Plantation in early 1673. Consisting of around fifty people, these settlers started the civilization in Woodbury that we know today.

Educational Facilities

The people in Woodbury are well-educated through the use of state-of-the-art educational facilities and highly qualified teachers and professors. Students are not only taught how to read and write but are also taught to follow rules and contribute to the town’s improvements in the future. With four preschools, one elementary school, two middle schools, and one high school, Woodbury was able to make high quality education easily accessible to the citizens.

Health Care and Facilities

Aside from education, Woodbury also places great importance when it comes to health care. In a community, health and safety is a top priority among local governments in order to make sure there is peace and harmony in the society. Hospitals and clinics are well-maintained making sure that every patient gets what he or she deserves in terms of health care services and benefits. Advanced equipment is also being provided to be used especially during emergencies and rescue missions. Overall, the health care industry in Woodbury is commendable.

Orthodontics in Woodbury

Set aside the fact that Woodbury has excellent health care facilities and services, it is also very competitive when it comes to orthodontics. Dental clinics have qualified professionals to cater different orthodontic problems including misaligned teeth (malocclusions), overcrowded teeth, jaw problems, and other facial abnormalities. Among the most popular orthodontic clinics in Woodbury which continued to live up to the crowd’s expectations is Clauss Orthodontics. Dr. Clauss caters kids, teens, and adult patients who are suffering from pain, discomfort, and low self-esteem.

Patients can contact Clauss Orthodontics through 203 – 263 – 8195 and the dental office is located at 690 Main Street South, Woodbury, CT (USA). Alternatively you can visit the Watertown office.

Woodbury Office