suresmile differenceWith the customized SureSmile archwires there are some massive differences between traditional braces and the current SureSmile orthodontic treatments. With the use of SureSmile appliances you can get a much quicker treatment plan then you would using traditional braces. SureSmile is more accurate and more efficient and generally produces a high-quality result with less time than other forms of braces.

SureSmile Treatment:

  1. A 3-D computer model of your mouth is created using advanced imaging software and technology. Your entire mouth is scanned and catalogued in just a short scan visit. This is much easier than making moulds as well as much more accurate.
  2. Using the 3-D model the doctor can examine fine details in your mouth including the positioning of your teeth, their roots, your jaw formation and the formation of the bones in your mouth. This can help to strategize a more effective treatment plan. Simulations can also take place to see what type of treatment plan will lead to the most accurate results and the fastest results possible.
  3. Once simulations have taken place and the treatment plan has been determined, orthodontic appliances are then bent into shape with the use of a robot. This ensures extreme accuracy and with the help of shape memory alloy archwire they will always retain their shape.

Conventional braces:

  1. A plaster model is created by taking moulds of your teeth and mouth. 2-D x-rays are also used to help examine finer points of the jaw, bones, roots and formation of teeth.
  2. Treatment is tracked through consistent visits. Rather than simulating how a device will work the orthodontist simply monitors how the device is working and makes adjustments accordingly.
  3. Archwire adjustments are completed entirely by hand during each appointment. The materials used may not retain their shape so constant adjustment and monitoring is required throughout treatment.

Do you have any other questions about SureSmile? See our Suresmile FAQ page.

The SureSmile Difference