Team Demas Orthodontic APPUndergoing an orthodontic treatment is not easy. After all, searching for the best orthodontist and acquiring the appropriate treatments are hard enough for patient given the fact that not all professionals can give you what you really deserve and desired. Fortunately, with today’s technology’s advancement, Team Demas Orthodontics was able to create an application which can help lessen the patients’ suffering and discomforts even when undergoing or finding the right treatment. The Team Demas Orthodontic Application can be downloaded and installed for free for the iPad, iPhones, and iPod touch and is also available for Android through Play.


The Team Demas Orthodontic App is an innovative and educational app which aids new, existing and future patients in contacting Dr. Demas and schedule or request for an appointment. Emergency appointments can also be set using the application. Patients can include images on their request when necessary. Aside from that, patients are also able to submit reviews and testimonials regarding their experiences with Team Demas Orthodontics as well as upload before and after photos of their teeth. Furthermore, patients can submit pictures of progress so the orthodontist can properly monitor the improvements.

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One-tap calling is also available in cases of emergencies and GPS directions to guide the patients in locating Team Demas offices in Watertown and Woodbury are provided. Important reminders in order to continue with the treatment are provided by the app so patients won’t have a hard time remembering every instruction of the orthodontist. Educational videos can be watched using the application in case patients wanted to know and learn more about their conditions and their treatments. Because of these educational features, patients are able to understand why they are undergoing treatment, what to expect for the results, and how long will it take for their desired results to be realized.

Further Information About Our Orthodontic App

The Team Demas Orthodontic Application can be downloaded via iTunes for easy access. Since this is a FREE app, patients using iPad or iPhone (requires iOS 4.3 or later versions) can easily download and install it. The Android 2.2 and above version was released on July 1st, 2013, this application is in version 1.4 and available in different languages including English, Norwegian, Arabic, French, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Swedish, Japanese, Italian, and many more. Size is approximately 17.6 MB and is developed by Hatem Eid, LLC © 2013 EidAPPLab.

iphone app store logoOverall, the Team Demas Orthodontic App is very useful when it comes to locating Demas offices, keeping up with the orthodontist’s instructions through the reminders feature, and providing overall convenience to the users.

Team Demas Orthodontic App