How to Get the Perfect Post Braces Results?

I Want a Perfect Smile When My Braces Come Off

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Once orthodontic treatment has reached completion, the final smile is determined not just by your orthodontist but by you, the patient, and the natural behavior of your teeth as well.

Dr. Don Demas, at Team Demas Orthodontics, will improve your smile through the treatment plan he has chosen and the techniques he uses to reposition your teeth. There are crucial decisions that have to be made, including the need for tooth removal, replacing absent teeth or the filling in of a space. The way the jaws are treated is an important part of your smile too.

You must follow all instructions with care

Dr. Demas’s skill and experience will influence how your teeth are to be moved into their final positions. This, of course, will affect your smile. Dr.  Demas will ask you to follow his instructions during your braces treatment program up to when they are finally removed. In order to ensure the outcome of your treatment is maximised, you must wear the rubber bands as suggested, you must attend all appointments and you must thoroughly clean your teeth to prevent the development of white spots on your teeth.

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