3-D X-rays in Orthodontics

3-D x-rays in orthodontics are a game changer

Team Demas Orthodontics
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Every so often there’s an orthodontic technology that absolutely changes the nature of the practice. These game changers can help orthodontists to do their job better than ever before as well as to create more efficient and predictable results. Three-dimensional radiographic technology is widely becoming a staple in many orthodontic offices because it leads to a better orthodontic treatment, less radiations and more efficient orthodontic results.

3-D x-rays have been around since 2001 and recently the technology has become affordable enough for wide range access across multiple offices. The technology is very similar to that of the CT scan but for orthodontic purposes the scans are much faster and they require far less radiations than traditional medical x-rays because they can provide results in just 10 seconds rather than medical CT scans to take anywhere between three and 5 minutes.

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