SureSmile is a cutting edge orthodontic technology in the form of specially designed braces that will work to straighten your teeth and position them far more accurately and quicker than ever before. Patients can enjoy much shorter treatment periods and a much more comfortable fit than any other previous form of braces. This is due to the extremely precise and intricate construction that SureSmile has. By entering into a SureSmile treatment plan you are committing to improving the look of your smile while enjoying the most comfortable orthodontic braces on the market with the shortest treatment time.


How to get started:

When you have decided to go with the SureSmile technology, it is important to know the steps that are involved with proper fitting and configuration of the device. Here are the steps that we take to make sure that every SureSmile device is calibrated to bring you comfort and efficiency in your treatment.

  • Advanced orthodontic imaging: we will create a computerized 3-D model of your teeth and bite. We have specific imaging technology and software designed to scan your teeth and jaw line. We can create a 3-D model of your entire mouth with this technology and design orthodontic appliances to match this 3-D model.
  • With the use of the Orascanner otherwise known as Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) we can analyze your mouth from every angle and strategize the treatment options available to you by properly examining the root structure and teeth positioning. Our imaging software also allows us to look into nerves and soft tissue as well as the bone and tooth structure inside your mouth.
  • Planning your treatment: by examining the 3-D model that we have created we can devise a strategy to fit your teeth together from all angles. We can run computer simulations to show you exactly how your teeth will look after your treatment has been completed and also work to strategize the quickest and most effective treatment for your individual needs.
  • Our virtual simulators help us to calculate using a variety of different treatment options and target the position of each and every tooth in simulations.
  • Robotic precision: while many orthodontic appliances are hand crafted, once we have created the optimal appliance for your needs we use robots and machinery to shape our appliances to your own customized prescriptions. The wires that we use in SureSmile technology are designed to be effective and comfortable. With robot precision we can work to cut even more time off of your treatment by ensuring complete accuracy.
  • These orthodontic archwires are created by using shape memory alloy. This specialty copper metal is heated to over 1000°F as it is shaped by the robotic process. After this initial heating, the wires will continue to permanently fall back into shape by being activated through the heat of your own body.

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