What do you know about SureSmile?

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Team Demas Orthodontics is proud to be only one of three offices in the state of Connecticut to offer Suresmile.

SureSmile uses cutting edge technology to help reduce treatment time while still producing high quality results. By utilizing a 3D scan of your mouth, a digital computer model of your teeth and their roots can be created. The doctor can then manipulate this computer model to create a simulation of your treatment and your final result.

This simulation is used to guide a robot to custom bend shape memory alloy archwires for each patient’s case. These customized archwires deliver gentle, precise forces that efficiently guide your teeth into their final positions.


Suresmile treatment can offer:

  • Extremely high-quality results: utilizing 3D computer modeling and simulation coupled with robotic precision, teeth can be placed in their final positions with increased accuracy and efficiency.
  • Increased comfort: decreasing the number of wire adjustments during your treatment is an excellent way to ensure comfort. SureSmile decreases the amount of adjustments to reduce pain and discomfort while still achieving outstanding results.
  • Fewer visits to the orthodontist office:  because tooth movement and treatment goals can be predicted accurately using advanced computer simulation, fewer visits to the office are required to track your progress.
  • Significantly reduced treatment time:  the technology utilized by SureSmile allows the doctors to move each tooth precisely to its intended final position.  This increased efficiency has been shown to reduce treatment time by up to one third.

For more information about SureSmile you can visit our Watertown or Woodbury office.

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