SureSmile frequently asked questions

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How does the use of robots make treatments more accurate?

Generally the archwires in traditional braces are bent entirely by your orthodontist’s skilled hands. While an orthodontist is trained to be precise in their adjustments, a robot can make finite adjustments with far more accuracy than a human.  Increased accuracy leads to increased efficiency which ultimately leads to reduced treatment time.

How does the computer simulations in planning software work?

The treatment planning software utilizes the digital model created from your 3D scan in order to plan your treatment.  The software provides your orthodontist with unprecedented tools to accurately plan the final positions of your teeth and roots in order to achieve the optimal result.

How much does SureSmile treatment cost?

Orthodontic treatment costs will vary by individual orthodontists as well as the complexity of your treatment.

Does my orthodontist still oversee my treatment?

Your orthodontist is still in total control of your treatment.  SureSmile is simply a tool used by your orthodontist in order to implement their treatment plan with far more accuracy and efficiency.

Is SureSmile less painful than traditional orthodontic treatment?

In traditional orthodontic treatment patients experience some discomfort as wires are adjusted. SureSmile patients experience less discomfort because there are fewer wire adjustments and changes

Is there any risk of damaging my teeth because they’re moving faster?

oral scanner SureSmile doesn’t achieve its efficiency by placing extra pressure on teeth to move them into place faster. In truth the teeth aren’t moving any faster than they would with traditional archwires. The decrease in treatment time with seen with SureSmile comes from moving the teeth far more efficiently than conventional braces.

What are memory alloy arch wires? How are they used?

Shape memory alloy has been used in archwires over the past 10 years by orthodontists all over the world. Their shape memory properties help gently straighten teeth as the wire returns to its original shape.  In the past, however, orthodontist were unable to customize these wires due to their “shape memory” properties. The SureSmile Robot is able to bend these wires by applying extreme temperatures during the bending process.

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