Smile more, help more, trust more, love more to live more – [Debasish Mrindha]


“Smile more, help more, trust more, love more to live more.” – Debasish Mrindha

The wonderful thing about babies is they smile just because it feels good. Why is it that we think we need a reason to smile as we get older? Powerful things come in small packages and with a simple smile, we convey positive energy, share emotion and draw the world into our circle.

Smile more and you’ll…

  • feel successful
  • develop a better mood
  • actually laugh a little

Smiling for someone…

  • is likely to make them grin
  • makes it easier to gain their trust
  • makes you more appealing

Are you having trouble finding your smile today? Maybe we can catch it in a game of hide and seek.

  • Check your phone for that goofy selfie of you and a friend at the park.
  • Lift up the toy box lid where you’ll find your two years old’s missing breakfast.
  • Open the kitchen cabinet door where you’ll find your missing two year old, who’ll be doing what? Smiling for you!

Getting warm? The quickest way to find a smile is to remember the happy thoughts which made you smile once before. Smiling more can project a more pleasing attitude to everyone else, but it’s also the easiest way to take care of your body without getting on a treadmill. Good thoughts could:

  • lower stress, which could,
  • lower blood pressure, which could,
  • lower the likelihood of obesity, a heart attack or stroke.

“There’s always a reason to smile,” should be the first of many smile quotes to live by. Let the orthodontists at Team Demas help you create a great smile on a budget that won’t make you frown. Call us today for a complimentary visit.

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Smile More to Live More

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