Smile for a Lifetime - ConnecticutSmile For a Lifetime is an international non-profit organization that works to provide free braces for children in communities around the world. It’s understandable that every child cannot afford to pay for braces themselves. The Smile For a Lifetime Foundation works with children internationally to provide financial relief for orthodontic care and free braces to these children who are experiencing financial difficulty.

Smile For a Lifetime has partnered with the national court appointed special Advocate Association so that they can work to find qualified applicants across the United States for scholarship programs as well as orthodontic treatment. There are currently 946 CASA appointed programs across the country that helped to provide scholarships and support for financially disadvantaged children. Smile For a Lifetime is pleased to add itself to these ranks and to offer up some form of aid in the international and local communities in the United States.

Smile For a Lifetime began in 2008 with Dr. Benjamin Burris. The original focus of the program was to develop a link between low income families and orthodontic practices that were willing to provide pro bono orthodontic scholarships for children and youths. Since 2008 program has worked to help over 1000 children receive the orthodontic treatment that they need completely free of charge.

How to Apply for Smile For a Lifetime Scholarship

In order to qualify for the services of Smile For a Lifetime applicants must be between the age of 11 and 18 and been nominated online to receive the free treatment. Nominations can be done through the Smile For a Lifetime website at . In many cases the organization encourages local CASA members to nominate children in their community to receive this free orthodontic care. Individual orthodontic practices are also encouraged to nominate patients who they feel may be an excellent candidate for Smile For a Lifetime scholarships.

Achieving a straight smile should never be held back by a child’s finances and Smile For a Lifetime is dedicated to changing the lives of deserving kids across the country and across the world. Smile For a Lifetime hopes that they can help even more children achieve a straight smile, more confidence and better overall oral care by taking advantage of their orthodontic scholarship programs.

Even within our local community of Woodbury and Watertown Connecticut, Smile For a Lifetime is dedicated to focusing their program on children within this community and we are very proud to be associated with this program. If you know of  a deserving child in this area, do not hesitate to nominate them for the program so that they can be considered for free orthodontic care to change their lives.

Smile For A Lifetime