Palatal expandersPalatal expanders are orthodontic devices they can be adjusted throughout treatment in order to fully expand and widen someone’s jaws. A palatal expander is installed in somebody’s mouth and is regularly adjusted to constantly put pressure on teeth and jaws to fully separate and move them into position. Palatal expanders require constant adjustment and with the helpful instructions of an orthodontist you can understand exactly when you need to adjust the expander and how to keep up with your treatments to fully straighten teeth.

Unlike some other types of orthodontic appliances, palatal expanders can be fully adjusted without the help of an orthodontist. It is the responsibility of the wearer to consistently update the appliance following the instructions of the orthodontist. This can reduce orthodontic appointments while still achieving progress.

Adjusting the expander involves the following four steps:

  1. Find a well lit area where you can lie back and get someone to help you with the expander. Some people have been able to adjust the expander themselves, but it can be difficult to work in a mirror so it is much easier to have help when adjusting the expander to make sure that it locks in correctly.
  2. Using the special key inserted into the hole within the center of the expander and lock it firmly into place.
  3. As you push the key towards the back of the mouth the fenders on the keys will begin to rotate revealing a brand-new locking point and keyhole. The rotation of the appliance. When the key inserted meets up with the back of the expander stopping it from expanding any further.
  4. After you have reached this point it is important to push back and down on the expander key towards the tongue. With the expander key removed you should be able to clearly see exactly where the next key will be inserted for adjustment.

By completing these steps on the instruction of your orthodontist or according to a specific schedule, you can work to very slowly move teeth and your jaw line into the correct position. Palatal expanders are extremely useful for many patients that require a job realignment or to have a wider job lined to accommodate their teeth and even their bite. And even bite is absolutely crucial to having a healthy and straight smile. Palatal expanders may need to be worn for a number of months until the teeth are strong enough to remain in their fixed position.

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