SureSmile is also pleased to offer up a line of lingual braces. SureSmile QT is one of the best ways that you can get braces without having to hide your smile.

You can receive the same benefits that you would get from a set of SureSmile braces but with a much more discreet approach. Some people worry about wearing braces and how they may be perceived by others. If you are self-conscious about having to wear braces, SureSmile QT is an excellent option.

Unlike traditional braces lingual braces have the brackets and wires from the orthodontic appliance mounted on the inside of your teeth or the lingual side of your teeth. With braces tucked away behind teeth you can still have all of your original confidence and hardly anyone will notice that you wearing braces.

suresmile qt

–          Suremile QT is a great option for adults and teens who are interested in straightening their smile without having to sacrifice any of their current aesthetics.

–          Unlike some types of aligners and retainers,  lingual braces are completely hidden from sight making them very difficult to notice on the front of teeth.

–          Patients who are interested in SureSmile QT will continue to receive the same virtual simulations, robotic accuracy and 3-D imaging during the course of their treatment.

–          SureSmile QT has the same patented orthodontic technology that works to shorten treatment times and eliminate as many office visits for patients during the course of their treatment.

–          The same alloys and materials are used in lingual braces as traditional SureSmile braces. As a result these lingual braces are far more comfortable and effective than traditional forms of lingual braces.

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