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If you want to enjoy the finest orthodontic care experience, it may be time to schedule an appointment at Team Demas Orthodontics. Team Demas Orthodotics is a prominent orthodontic practice in Southington, Connecticut.

Intraoral Scanners and You

The staff at Team Demas Orthodontics aims to provide all patients with the most modern, efficient and cutting-edge dental care possible. If you’re thinking about getting Invisalign treatment to better your smile, iTero Element may be of interest to you. iTero intraoral scanners are known for their superb precision. If you want to look forward to intraoral scanning when you visit your orthodontist for a routine checkup, this scanner may be the answer. This is because it’s capable of letting you see the results of your teeth straightening treatment.

This can be great for many reasons. First and foremost, it can help you see where all of your hard work and patience is taking you. If you’ve been looking forward to having a beautiful smile for a long time, this scanner can notify you of the good things that are on the way. These scanners can also help with numerous other things. They can significantly reduce the prevalence of fit problems in Invisalign patients, for one. They can dramatically reduce rejections as well. The advantages of iTero Element are truly plentiful.

iTero Elements - Team Demas Orthodontics

iTero Element

Intraoral Scanners and the Dental World

iTero is also taking the dental world by storm. The technology isn’t only a popular option for orthodontic scanning purposes. It’s also a popular option for many dental treatments. Examples of these various dental treatments include the following:

  • Customized implants.
  • Bridges.
  • Restorative crowns.

If you’re curious about the idea of orthodontic (and dental!) scans that are beyond accurate and precise, the intraoral scanners made by iTero definitely won’t let you down. These scanners may just be the big wave of the orthodontic future.

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If you need orthodontic care, iTero’s scanners may be a plus for you. If you’re the caring parent of a child or teenager who is in need of orthodontic care, these scanners may be just as useful and helpful. If you’re searching for high-quality, experienced orthodontic care and treatment in Connecticut, Team Demas Orthodontics may just be the right solution.

The practice specializes in in-depth orthodontic treatments for adults, young children and teenagers alike. If you want to attain your dream of perfectly straight, beautiful and healthy teeth, Team Demas Orthodontics can make what you want come true. If you’re fascinated by iTero scans, straight teeth and individualized orthodontic care, contact Team Demas Orthodontics ASAP to learn more. Call our practice in Southington to make an appointment today.

iTero Element