Most orthodontic problems stem from something called malocclusion which  translated means “bad bite”. This is the number one reason that most people come into an orthodontist for treatment. Malocclusion can come in a variety of different formats and these different formats can have their own individual complications in extreme cases.

These conditions can come about by genetics but also due to environmental factors such as thumb sucking. Regardless, identifying these issues and treating them is what orthodontists do best.

Here are some of the most common orthodontic problems:


Crowding occurs when there is insufficient room for all of the teeth to align properly in the jaws. Crowding tends to worsen as age and in severe cases can prevent teeth from erupting, resulting in impaction. Crowded, overlapped teeth are more difficult to clean and can lead to tooth decay and gum problems. Crowding can be alleviated by creating more room for the existing teeth, or sometimes removing teeth to provide additional space.


An overbite occurs when the front teeth cover over the lower teeth. Excessive overbites can cause wearing on the front teeth and can in some instances even cause the lower teeth to bite into the roof of the mouth and cause the patient pain.


With an under bite the lower jaw protrudes out over the upper jaw and causes the lower teeth to cover the upper teeth.


Spacing between teeth can occur if one or more teeth are missing, the jaws are too wide or the teeth are smaller than average. common orthodontic problems


In a normal bite, the upper teeth should be positioned in front off or outside of the lower teeth. A crossbite occurs when the lower teeth are in front off or outside of the upper teeth. This can result in uneven jaw growth, tooth wear and difficulty chewing.

Offset Midlines

When the bottom teeth are misaligned with the top teeth it can cause offset midlines. When the midlines of your teeth are offset, it can cause discomfort in your bite and your lower jaw may shift.

Protruding teeth

In some cases upper front teeth will stick out from the rest of the jawline. This can cause an abnormal contact in the bite which will promote uneven jaw growth. This condition is mostly caused by thumbsucking.

Overbite Open bite

Tongue thrusting, growth or thumb sucking can cause this condition. Open bite generally means that a person can stick their entire tongue between their teeth while biting down. This can cause chewing problems but is a cosmetic issue.

If you are concerned or suffer from any of the above problems, don’t suffer in silence, you can contact Dr Demas for a free consultation today.

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