Tooth-Friendly Recipe 10: Green Vanilla Mint Smoothie

green vanilla mint smoothie

Choose Soft and Friendly Foods While Wearing Braces or Aligners

You need to consume a lot of minerals and vitamins to strengthen your teeth during orthodontic treatment. However, you might find it difficult to chew food right after beginning to wear aligners or braces because the tissues in your mouth can feel sensitive. It is still easy to consume vital nutrients by making a green vanilla mint smoothie and using a blender to whip the ingredients. The recipe for this beverage includes the following:

• Coconut milk
• Fresh mint leaves
• Vanilla extract
• Fresh spinach
• Frozen banana

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Fruit Kabobs A Delicious, Tooth Friendly Snack!

fruit kabobs

Searching for a healthy and delicious snack that is friendly on your smile? Try fruit kabobs! Fruit kabobs are a versatile and easy snack. Customize your kabob with your favorite tooth friendly fruit. A kabob is also a great choice for children because of the unlimited fruit combos!

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Tooth-Friendly Recipe 8: Apple-Raisin Salad

apple-raisin salad

Choose Friendly Food to Protect Your Braces

When you begin to wear braces, an orthodontist will tell you that it is a good idea to avoid eating hard fresh fruit, but you can chop up fruit to make it easier to chew. Tooth friendly foods such as raisins or apples are important for your overall wellness, and you can consume these fruits by making a tasty salad. Apple-raisin salad is easy to make, and you can store it in a refrigerator for several days to have it ready for fast meals.

• Apples
• Raisins
• Yogurt
• Lemon juice
• Pepper
• Salt

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Tooth-Friendly Recipe 7: Black Bean Rice Burgers

black bean rice burgers

How to Make Nutritious Burgers From Black Beans and Rice

After you begin to wear braces, it is essential to eat tooth friendly food that offers a lot of nutritional value. Black bean rice burgers are simple to prepare and easy to chew. You need to have several ingredients to cook rice burgers, including:

• White or brown rice
• Black beans
• Salsa
• Breadcrumbs
• Chopped onions
• Whipped eggs
• Vegetable oil

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Tooth-Friendly Recipe 6: Banana Ice Cream

banana ice cream

Who doesn’t love a big bowl of ice cream on a hot summer day, or as the perfect sweet treat to cap off a delicious meal? The trouble with it is that it’s loaded with sugar, just itching to attack your teeth and cause cavities.

If you’re looking for a tooth-friendly recipe that contains the sweet, creamy goodness of banana ice cream without all the added sugar (and calories!) of the original, your search is over. This is a recipe you can make for your family that everyone will rave about – including your orthodontist!

The best part? You can flavor it with a number of ingredients!

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Tooth-Friendly Recipe 5: Avocado Yogurt Dip

5TDO-Aug2016Summer is a great time for entertaining and trying out new recipes with friends and family. The beautiful weather allows for lots of opportunities to gather outdoors for cookouts and parties.
However, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of summer and entertaining that we forget how important it is to eat tooth-friendly foods – recipes that are delicious but are also nutritious for our bodies and our teeth. Your smile is likely to be the first thing people notice about you and one of the simplest and most important ways to keep them healthy is to be mindful of the foods you are eating.
With that in mind, our office would like to share a recipe for a tooth-friendly yogurt dip that is creamy, delicious, and perfect for your summer outdoor gatherings.

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Tooth-Friendly Recipe 4: Broccoli Cheese Soup


Soup is an ideal meal any day of the week, but it is an especially good choice for anyone who wears braces. With a creamy and soft consistency, this broccoli cheese soup recipe is a tooth friendly soup; there are no tough pieces of meat or vegetables to get stuck in braces or between teeth. Also, fresh broccoli is a powerhouse of vitamins and nutrients and cheddar cheese has been shown to promote dental health. This soup tastes great and is easy to prepare, using ingredients and utensils most moms have on hand.

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Tooth-Friendly Recipe 3: Celery Root Soup



This warm, spicy winter soup makes for a filling, nutritious, and friendly food. Many people aren’t familiar with celery root, also known as celeriac, but it has a unique earthy taste that this recipe showcases.

What makes this recipe tooth friendly? Lots of Vitamin A, which helps build strong bones and teeth, and vitamin C, which promotes gum health. Plus, a smooth creamy texture that won’t stick to teeth or braces!

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Tooth-Friendly Recipe 2: Eggplant Pizzas


Your kids might love pizza, but some types of pizzas can be bad for teeth with braces. Some pizzas use sauces that are high in sugar and can contribute to oral decay as a result. However, if you want a pizza recipe that is very good for your kids’ teeth, consider making eggplant pizzas.

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Tooth-Friendly Recipe 1: Garlic Sweet Potato Mash


After visiting the orthodontist to get braces on the teeth, you might not want to eat a lot of solid foods as there could be a slight discomfort from the pressure of the brackets and the wires. A tooth friendly recipe that can be enjoyed in various ways is a garlic sweet potato mash. It doesn’t take long to prepare, and you can add a few other items to the dish to give it different flavors.

The first thing that you want to do is gather fresh sweet potatoes. Boil the sweet potatoes so that they can easily be mashed in a bowl. You can also bake them with a little butter and brown sugar if you want a different consistency and to lock in more of the flavors.

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