Braces Treatment for Children

What is the Best Age for Your Child to Get Orthodontic Braces?

Selecting the most suitable time to commence orthodontic treatment is typically determined by consultation between the orthodontist and the child’s parents. Apart from the physical factors of misaligned and protruding teeth and the stage of development that your child’s teeth have reached, there is also the maturity of your child to take into consideration, too. Rushing into braces too early when your child is not mature enough to take care of the braces may be premature and not lead to the desired results.

Cues used to determine the time for braces

In most cases, Dr. Don Demas, at Team Demas Orthodontics in Southington, does not fit braces until the child has lost all of his or her primary teeth and the 12-year molars have all or, at the least, partly erupted. A straightforward treatment program should only last 12 months. It can markedly exceed this time frame if the braces are positioned on the teeth while there are some baby teeth still evident, or the 12-year molars are not yet visible.


Generally, these are the cues that Dr. Demas uses before starting a treatment program. There are exceptions to this and that is when a child has a severe malocclusion that may take at least two years to fix. This includes severe overcrowding, impacted canines and too much overbite. Children who have these problems will be allocated additional time throughout treatment to allow the remaining teeth to erupt. Tooth eruption time is not always easy to predict and you will be informed of possible delays that could take place, before braces are fitted.

Early treatment may be advised

Early orthodontic treatment may well be appropriate in certain situations, which include when a child’s condition is so bad patient that social relationships with peers are severely affected. This could be badly protruding teeth, which not only can result in teasing but also damage could take place to the teeth too. Early treatment may be the best option, even if the last baby tooth has not been lost, or full eruption of the 12-year molars has not taken place.

Care has to be taken when placing braces, as if the child is still growing then additional treatment may be necessary when the growing has stopped. There are many factors to consider when discussing teeth alignment and appearance with Dr. Demas, but his experience will offer you the best advice to ensure the best outcome for your child’s teeth now and into the future.

Individual needs are treated seriously at Demas Orthodontics

All patients have individual requirements. That is why orthodontists are trained to be able to meet the needs of the individual when it comes to treatment goals and outcomes. Dr. Demas does not make decisions regarding braces until the benefits and drawbacks are thoroughly discussed with you and your child.

If you think that your child needs braces to treat his or her teeth imperfections then you should arrange a consultation with one of the team at Team Demas Orthodontics in the Southington office, where an experienced orthodontist can examine your child’s teeth and make appropriate recommendations.

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Braces Treatment for Children

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