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Does [Age Matter] When Getting Braces?

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When thinking about braces, we tend to think of a teenager who has a mouth full of brackets and wires when smiling. But the truth is that people of all ages wear braces which causes some questions to be asked. Is it important for someone to wear braces when they are young? Are there complications for an older person who wants to get braces? Is there a specific age for taking up braces? What is the best age for getting braces? Does age affect the success of braces? Am I too old to get braces? These are valid questions to be asked, and we are going to shed more light on this topic. 

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How Do I Fix My Flared Teeth [After] Braces?

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Orthodontic treatment, such as braces, is an effective way to achieve straight teeth and a healthy smile. When an individual’s teeth are overcrowded, it can cause a wide range of problems including difficulty talking and eating. Although many individuals feel that braces can treat crooked teeth in a few months, the process takes much longer. Aside from braces, individuals may also need retainers or other orthodontic appliances.  

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Team Demas Orthodontics – Newsletter March 2018


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When I was in dental school in Illinois, I chose to be one of the few students to specialize in pediatric dentistry. Afterwards, I practiced for two years before going to orthodontics school. Early in my practice, I noticed two groups of
people who were being underserved: children and adults who’d never had orthodontic care.I thought, “I want to help show these two groups of people the confidence orthodontic treatment can give them.” I knew it … CONTINUE READING
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The Importance of Spring Cleaning Your Utility Room

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Jerky That’s Better for Braces?


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What Happens to Your Lips When You Get Braces to Fix Your [Overbite]?

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If you have an overbite, it can be really frustrating. While a minor overbite might not be much of a concern and can even be attractive if it creates a cute pout, a major overbite can make you extremely self-conscious. You can’t correct this kind of a problem with your teeth on your own. If you are thinking about fixing overbite issues, an orthodontic treatment is a solution. While you are open to the idea of seeking professional help from braces fixing overbite problems, you might wonder what will happen to your lips when you get braces. You can see the effect of your overbite on lips, pushing them out further. You would want to be prepared for the change after an orthodontic treatment.

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Will [braces] fix my weak chin? If not, what will?

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Today’s orthodontic specialists use cutting-edge oral health science to tailor each patient’s treatment to their individual needs. Some patients may seek treatment to fix an overbite or an underbite.
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How to Fix Minor Overcrowding Teeth without Braces or Invisalign



A nice smile has an impact on how people perceive you as well as how you perceive yourself. While braces seem to be almost a rite of passage for teens and even some adults, they are not necessarily required for all overcrowded teeth. You may not realize that fixing overcrowding teeth can be accomplished without braces.

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What is the [Best Age] for Your Child to Get Orthodontic Braces?

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Many parents start planning for their children before they are even born. Preparations like the best pre-schools, college savings funds and life insurance policies are in place when the child arrives. This is also a great time to start thinking about orthodontics for your child.
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What’s The Difference between a [Dentist, Endodontist, And Orthodontist]?

Dentistry has come a long way since the time when it was performed by the first experts. Now, it has divided into specialties that treat different types of problems that have to do with the mouth. Two of those specialties are orthodontics and endodontics.
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Team Demas Orthodontics – Newsletter #3 – January 2018


Many people find themselves thinking about their appearance this time of year. How do I update my wardrobe to stay current with the trends? Which diet should I try? How do I look my best?Recently, a mother came into my office with her appearance in mind. I had treated her children years earlier and hadn’t seen her since. Now she’s in her 60s and making health a priority. By taking simple steps like exercising every day and skipping a glass of wine in the … CONTINUE READING

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How Invisalign Revolutionized Orthodontics


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Can You Still [Get Braces] If You Have Fillings?

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LILONGWE, Malawi – Master Sgt. Teresa J. Morgan, dental non-commissioned officer in charge of MEDREACH 11 of the 908th Aeromedical Staging Squadron, from Ariton, Ala. performs a dental procedure on a Malawian patient at the Partners in Hope Medical Centre.


You are likely interested in getting orthodontic braces in Southington because your teeth are crowded, misaligned,

protruding or do not come together comfortably in a proper bite. Such problems may be genetic. Other issues may have been caused by thumb sucking as a young child, mouth breathing from allergies or due to large tonsils, or you may have lost your teeth prematurely.

Some of these reasons for getting braces Southington has to offer are also contributing factors in the occurrence of cavities. If your teeth are crowded or not properly aligned, it can be difficult to keep them clean. Add to that difficulty any lapse inadequate oral care, and cavities erupt.

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