Braces For Only $189 per Month

Thinking About Braces But Worried About the Cost?

189 Braces Connecticut

Your smile is your calling card to the world. It opens doors of opportunity and draws others to you like a magnet each time you flash those pearly whites. However, if you have an issue with crowding, too much space, or your bite, the result can be a smile that makes you want to hide from the cameras. This can be especially frustrating for anyone, especially teens who are going through one of the most awkward periods in their lives. If you know that braces are the answer for you or your child, but have been concerned about affordability, $  could be the answer you are looking for and Team Demas Orthodontics is ready to help.

Team Demas Orthodontics Offer $189 Braces in Connecticut


How Much Do Braces Cost?

It is hard to pin down a figure for braces. Every patient will have a unique treatment plan that is tailored to correct a particular orthodontic problem. In addition, there are many different types of braces, from clear aligners to braces behind the teeth or traditional, metal brackets and wires. The severity of an orthodontic problem will be a factor in length of treatment, which will also have an impact on the cost. However, Team Demas Orthodontics has joined up with other orthodontists at $ to provide you with affordable braces. With the $189 Braces plan, you or your teen can have orthodontic treatment for only $189 a month, taking you a step closer to that smile that you have always wanted.

Braces for $189 a Month Brings a Beautiful Smile Within Reach

Imagine going forward with confidence and the assurance that a healthy, straight set of teeth can give you or your child. Team Demas Orthodontics is committed to providing the Connecticut community with the opportunity to get the orthodontic treatment you need at a price that you can afford. Braces do not have to be a major strain on the budget. With $189 Braces it will be much easier to achieve a satisfying result. It’s time to move forward with treatment and reap the rewards that come with affordable braces.

Braces Bring Many Benefits

In addition to creating an attractive smile, braces are also beneficial in promoting good oral health, making it much easier to keep teeth clean when they are easy to reach and no longer crowded. When braces make corrections to a patient’s bite, they also stave off problems such as TMJ disorders. TMJ disorders revolve around the temporomandibular joint, the hinge that connects the upper and lower jaw. If a bad bite causes the jaw to go out of alignment, it can truly wreak havoc. Strain and inflammation can result in a swollen, tender jaw, chronic headaches, a sore neck, and other complications. When you move forward with braces for yourself or your teenager, you are heading off many problems at the pass. Find out all about $189 braces here and let the professionals at Team Demas Orthodontics give you something to smile about.

$189 Braces